Willow twig bangle, sterling silver, blackened twig jewelry


Finally, the matching oval bangle to complement my twig rings! Two twigs wrap around the wrist, overlapping where they join.

This lovely twig bracelet has been molded from a delicate pussy willow branch and cast in sterling silver. The texture is stunning, tiny buds sprout along the way. The original twig had new buds just beginning to show their fur.

I carefully polished the branches, removing all the areas I did not want but leaving the texture. I darkened the metal to a matte black and then carefully polished the high points to a bright silver.

Single twig is 2-3 mm thick. Where the twigs overlap is approximately 7 mm wide. The thickness varies with details on the band.

Bangle will fit an average wrist. (2.5" diameter)

For other twig jewelry look here: http://www.etsy.com/shop/iacua?section_id=7492059