About Us


Raised in the wilds of the Mendocino woodlands by mountain lions, bears, and wolves, sisters Ruby and Camilla dreamed of the glamorous lives of urban dwellers. After years of pining for speeding cars and skyscrapers, the dream became a reality. Fast forward a few years and the dreams of rigid cement, gadgets, and electricity intermingled with the memories of hot summer days under the redwoods. As past and present blended together, iacua designs was born.

Iacua designs represents this dichotomy between the urban today and the rural yesterday. It brings spice and uniqueness to traditional designs, creating the simultaneous feeling of striking modernity with the sense of familiarity. Inspired by natural forms, our jewelry strikes a chord in even the most refined city dwellers. Like vines growing between sidewalk tiles, iacua designs demonstrates that urbanity and nature co-exist and complement each other.

The creative brain behind iacua designs is found in Ruby, who studied with some of the finest metalsmiths in the world at the revere academy before allowing her dreams to run wild. Camilla leverages her marketing experience working for 10+ years at multinational companies to run the business side.

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