Diamond snowflake, Sterling silver winter coral pendant


Snowflakes, diamonds, coral. I decided to combine all three elements into one. I used my coral waxes and created a brand new 'snowflake'. It is one of a kind just like a true snowflake.

In the center I bezel set a natural rose cut black diamond.


I molded actual pieces of coral, then manipulated the waxes until I had created a lovely pendant. I had it cast, then spent hours carefully polishing it to a high shine.


This necklace is fresh and elegant, sure to be an instant favorite!


The black diamond is from conflict free sources. It weighs .60 ct. Because this stone is natural, not irradiated it get its color from inclusions within. It is a soft gray-black, darker in some areas, lighter in others.


Snowflake is . 1 1/2" by 1 3/4"

Chain is 16.5".