Camellia pendant, sterling silver flower necklace

Camellia pendant, sterling silver flower necklace

Camellias for your neck! Add flowers to any occasion!

I actually designed the Camellia collection for my sister's wedding, the entire bridal party wore necklaces and earrings from this line.

Elegant, sweet flowers to adorn you.

I create each wax one at a time, while the idea is the same many small differences occur from one pendant to the next. I liken this to a garden, the flowers are all unique while following the same look.

I carefully polish the flower in order to leave as much texture as possible while bringing up the shine. This pendant is oxidized black with bright highlights.


Due to the differences between waxes, you will receive the pictured pendant.

Cast in sterling silver. On a 16" sterling chain.

Pendant measures 22mm by 22mm.